Testimonials for Colleen Lynch of Dovetail Decor

I recently engaged Dovetail Decor to provide interior decorating services for the main floor of my home. The final result and the entire decorating process was very satisfying. Colleen Lynch of Dovetail Decor did an initial consultation to see my space and the current layout. Her quote, which gave me options for bundled services or the full job, was very reasonably priced. Throughout the decorating process I never felt that Colleen was pushing her own design style. Instead she helped me find a style that fit just right, while guiding me with her experienced eye for colour and design. If you don’t have the time to research or shop or need the expert eye of a decorator, I highly recommend the services of Dovetail Decor.
Kathy Kranias

We are delighted with the quality of service provided by Colleen Lynch of Dovetail Décor.

For some time, we had been looking for a carpet to buy for the living room that we had recently added to the back of our small bungalow in Long Branch during a major renovation. We arranged for Colleen to accompany us on a visit to a warehouse sale. With Colleen's help, we quickly located a carpet . Hand-knotted, from untreated wool, it was just the right size for us and matched our colour samples perfectly. The carpet was on sale at a 60-percent reduction from the standard price. Once in place in our living room, the carpet, with its lovely muted greens, looked like it truly belonged in that space, and had been there for a while. While at the warehouse, we were impressed with the fact the sales staff picked up at once that Colleen was an experienced consultant, and spoke differently with her than they did with us.

Colleen has also helped us to purchase a custom-made table, made of reclaimed lumber from a historic Ontario barn, for a small den at the front of our house, part of a larger office-design project that she is helping us with. We love looking at the nail holes in the lumber, and I like to think of the day many decades past when a person unknown to us, and from another period in Ontario’s history, grasped a hammer and drove the nails into the boards.

We would never have been able to find these pieces without Colleen’s expert and friendly assistance. We are very, very pleased to have her working with us. Colleen has an eye for detail, a willingness to listen, and a remarkably broad range of experience in the design industry. We recommend her very highly for any person or family seeking top-quality, professional interior design services.

Jaan Pill and May Jolliffe
Long Branch, Ontario

Via email: I am so happy with the new look of the apartment.  [My son] commented on how warm the livingroom-diningroom was with the new colour---thanks! I am really thrilled with the new look. The bathroom is [also] great as is the kitchen and the Wicken Gray is fantastic--love it.

Just want you to know that the apartment was rented to a young (28 & 27) couple who are originally from Vancouver. They LOVE the apartment. Thank you for making it so nice.  [they] are just the kind of tenants that I wanted.
--Central Toronto Client

" I worked with Colleen extensively this year (2009) to redecorate the major principal rooms in my residence.   She planned and managed the redesign of my living room and master bedroom, and made significant design changes to my dining room and son's bedroom.   She is very talented, with a great eye for design, color and texture.   Colleen is very price and cost conscious and fair to her clients.   She is very pleasant to work with, and engages with her clients on all aspects of the project, and communicates well.  I would highly recommend her for any design projects."    
--kc, a homeowner at Yonge and York Mills

Being on Queen Street West, we wanted to open up our [store’s] doors to the vibrant neighborhood and meet our new neighbors.
On November 22
nd, we had the pleasure of having Colleen Lynch of “Dovetail Décor” lead a workshop at our Store. This was the second workshop in a series of community events we are hosting. Colleen walked us through an evening she titled “Make Your Home Sparkle this Holiday Season!”

Colleen’s hour-long workshop guided us through classic, modern, traditional and up to date trends in holiday decorating. With her creative examples and user-friendly demonstrations, everyone in attendance walked away with dozens of ideas to try in their own homes.

With Colleen’s knowledge and clear eye for style and design, she is an asset not only as an instructor, but also as decorator. She sure made our store “Sparkle” when she was finished with it!
With the overwhelming response we received after Colleen’s visit, we will be sure to have her back! Thank you Colleen!

Kristina Bergeron
Store Manager
Ambiente Candles & Soaps